Friday, June 12, 2009

what to write about....

i feel like i don't have anything interesting to say right now... don't know what to really write about. i'm feeling pretty well. still some days that i wish i could just stay home and sleep. i'm eating almost regularly and am wanting water again. that's a very good thing because it's been unusally hot for seattle.

i've pushed myself a little hard a couple times this week. i went to prenatal yoga on tuesday. it's the first time i had been in 10 weeks. it was freakin' hard! i was sweating like crazy and at one point i had to sit because i felt dizzy. oops :) it's hard for me to ease up on physical activity if i'm not sick. i forgot the little munchkin is busy sapping my energy all day even if i don't feel it. i felt a bit ill on wednesday i believe because of how hard i worked.

yesterday, i had an installation job for a restaurant that's opening by my store. we did all the artwork and they hired me to put everything up. i worked for 4 hours and wiped myself out. it was exhausting. i even took a half hour break in the middle. aside from the physical work, it was mentally challenging too. i was using security hangers so the artwork won't fall or be stolen from the restaurant. those little buggers are a pain in the ass. you really can't fuck up where you drill the holes in the wall or you mess everything up. i stupidly saved the most difficult 4 for the last project. stupid, stupid. it almost made me cry because i had to make sure all 4 were straight across and it was in a prominent area. i decided right then that i'm not doing any more installations while pregnant. too much for me:)

it was no surprise to me when my acupuncturist said i'm suffering from exhaustion at yesterday's appointment. he was reading my pulse and said that my liver blood is low. this means exhaustion and pre-anemia. he recommended more red meat. not so keen on that. i'm still having a difficult time with meats. so i'm going to work on upping my dark greens and try to take an iron supplement. i've been really bad about taking any vitamins/supplements. i got out of the habit when i was sick. i've been trying to take at least folic acid at night. i know i should be more aware since i don't eat a lot of meat or eat/drink dairy. i know the munchkin is depending on me for all it's nutrients, so i need to step it up.

i'm noticing a few things changing with my body. my hips have been sore. a few nights i've had some trouble falling asleep because my hips and knees were bothering me. i felt like i had to keep moving and stretching. i'm getting a bit more of a baby pooch. i don't really think i look pregnant yet, but anna and i notice my body shape changing. she took some photos of me with her phone and i thought i just looked fat. you're all going to have to wait a bit longer for photos:)

some people might want to skip this paragraph. i'm going to talk about sex:)
we had sex this week for the first time since the day we conceived the little munchkin. i hadn't been feeling very amorous, and anna, as always, was patient, sweet. she knew things would change eventually, and she could wait. we were both a little nervous and hesitant, but it was like riding a bike:) i didn't know if i would be able to orgasm because i heard it could be difficult or different for pregnant women. worked out fine and dandy for me ;) it was nice to be so intimate with anna again. of course, we've cuddled and been lovey these past few months, but it's nothing like sex. i still haven't had that libido rush i've heard about. hope i don't miss that boat!

looks like i had more to talk about than i thought:) hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

good news

congratulations to my irl friend mel on another successful/short birth of a healthy baby boy. her water broke at 6:20 pm and avery was born at 7:34 pm. wow!!

congratulations also to amy and melissa for a big BFP!!! awesome news.

hope everyone has a great weekend!