Tuesday, March 30, 2010

if everyone jumped off a bridge...

i wouldn't :) but will do this meme even though i haven't been tagged.

10 things about me:

1) i have 4 tattoos. first one is on my right shoulder; it's a wee butterfly with fairy dust. had it done with my two best friends in high school. second is a god-awful rainbow heart that i want removed or covered. oh and it's on my left hip; it spread beautifully when i was pregnant. third is my own design. it's on my lower middle back. it's a circle made up of a bunch of swirls. it has an unintentional "A" in it :) lastly, i have a dragonfly on my left shoulder also with fairy dust. this was done with my mom and sister (their first tattoos).

2) since 1 was so long :) this has it's own number. i'm going to get another tattoo after our kids are born. it will be a family tree on my whole back. it'll have my g-parents, parents, siblings, and nieces initials in the limbs. our kids initial in the trunk. the roots will be wrapped around the circle on my lower back that has the "A", which represents anna.

3) i went to my senior prom with my girlfriend. i wore a hot tux :)

4) every job i've had they've tried to get me into management no matter my age. nice ego boost, but there was no way i was going to manage a rite aid or a pizza hut...

5) i like shopping for food. if i could buy as much organic produce as i wanted, that would be awesome.

6) anna and i don't fight. seriously. we have disagreements that usually resolve with one of us saying that we were being silly and explaining the emotions behind our reactions/actions.

7) also on that note, i can't lie to anna. not even about silly things. like if i have a cookie while she's at work and want more after dinner, i'll try to lie and say i didn't have any so i can have more :) doesn't work. like 5 seconds after i lie, i come clean.

8) i've never cleaned the inside of my car in the 10 years i've owned it. disgusting, i know. it will be done soon. i can't stand it anymore. i am embarrassed to let anyone ride in it, let alone see it.

9) i'm a dork :) i like doctor who. i'm a bit awkward socially. i like to read a lot. i accept my dorkiness.

10) i'm excited to do our garden, but i'm also intimidated. i'm not going to let that stop me though. my goal is to have carrots this year (amongst other things). they failed last year. fresh young carrots are so yummy :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

i hate bleach

but you know what i hate even more, ants invading my kitchen. i hadn't noticed a piece of apple had fallen on the floor before my walk earlier today. when i went into the kitchen 15 minutes ago, a lovely trail of ants led from the door to said apple piece. i. hate. ants. in. my. home. period. i will not put up with them. they seriously gross me out.

i went ape-poop on these ants. i went downstairs and grabbed the bleach gallon. we've had this same bottle of bleach for so long, like years and years, because we hardly use it. i brought the bleach upstairs, pulled out the mop and began cleaning up those suckers.

now i know this was not the nicest thing to do to these poor little ants or the environment. i'm perfectly fine with ants out on the sidewalk making their homes. i'll even watch ants drag huge pieces of food to their homes. outside. i never use bleach for cleaning. i make my own cleaning materials. we rarely use bleach on our laundry. i've used it only recently on a load of arden's diapers because they reeked hard-core. but, man, i don't put up with ants in the house. i was even pulling the fridge and stove into the middle of the room to make sure i got them all. i was a cleaning banshee :)

phew- got that out of my system :) life is good otherwise. hope the same goes with all of you. expect a nice update later this week when we take arden for her 4 month dr. appointment! holy crap... :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

little miss smarty pants

guess who rolled over today!! she did it while i was in the shower. anna came running in to tell me. she then got the camera and arden did it a few more times. so cool. here is one of the videos. we blurred part of it to protect arden's privacy ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

one year ago...

anna and i got very, very lucky. it was my birthday weekend. we had a nifty cryo tank in our living room and my body was saying "go!". march 7th we did our thing -wink wink- and one year later we have a squealing, wiggling 3 month old.

we weren't expecting to get pregnant on our first try. we were keeping our hopes low/realistic. most couples need to try a few times. march was intended to be our practice month. see how things work. but when i felt little cramps following our first IVI, i felt hopeful. when i got nauseous driving behind a diesel truck 7 days later, i was optimistic. when my acupuncturist said my pulse was slippery (a pregnancy indicator), i got excited. i was trying to be level-headed, but man... waiting to test was torture.

that was the best birthday weekend of my adult life (slumber parties with pizza and scary movies win out for childhood). not to say that my birthday dinner last night wasn't awesome :)

this post has taken me 4 days to write. i've forgotten most of what i was going to say. damn. need to work on that memory. i'll do some quick bullets and try to remember as i go.

-arden is spinning around in her pack n play on her back. it's funny. we put her down length-wise, then we go back and she's rotated 90 or 180 degrees.

-she i also rolling side to side. i think if she didn't have a big cloth diapered butt she might roll all the way over.

-we are trying to remember to do tummy-time everyday. usually i do it on the changing table before i put on her diaper. she's usually happiest then. plus it's so cute to see her wrinkly butt :)

-she is talking up a storm. my mom loves to hear her in the background when we're on the phone. but if i put the phone in front of arden, she stops. she gets interested in grabbing the phone and playing with it. she actually hung up on my sister yesterday. so funny.

-arden does the same thing with the camera. i think we have a techie on our hands.

-she has definitely figured out how to bring things to her mouth. she loves to gnaw on everything.

-we are still struggling a bit with naps. well, really we're struggling with getting her to sleep in her crib for naps. she often snaps awake when we set her down. you should see me. i get her to sleep in my arms, then i ssllooowllly lower her into the crib. i am so careful. no jostling. i am half in the crib so i try to gradually pull myself away from her without her noticing. sigh, we'll get it sometime. right? :)

-she did sleep for 2 1/2 hours yesterday... in my arms. oh well i got to read a lot. i was being lazy yesterday since it was my b-day anyways. :)

that's about all i can think of for now. we had family style love over for dinner this past sunday. it was a lot of fun. i think stella and arden will be best friends. i'll post proof of this as soon as i download from my camera.

hope everyone is doing peachy out there. i love hearing from all my readers -hint hint, nudge nudge- :)

oh and she loves sitting with her buddy, olive!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

beautiful 3 month old :)

wow 3 months this past tuesday. can't believe it. i just woke up so i'm a little foggy. how about some pictures :) i swear i'll do an update later. maybe you guys can help me. any questions??