Tuesday, September 22, 2009

you want pictures?

i give you pictures :)

dad, little sister, and me on orcas island- 25w


beach in massachusetts- 27w4d


beach belly!

anna very excited about the beach :)

i love her energy. we have so much fun together. before all this romping, we played in the waves till we couldn't feel our extremities. i think arden liked it too:)

beach beauties


Saturday, September 12, 2009

been a while

first- congratulations to raene and river on the birth of their little one, cedar. may she have a happy and healthy life :) we're rooting for her.
anna and i went on vacation last week for about 10 days. we went to new hampshire to see my relatives and to boston for her gaelic football tournament. it was a good vacation, but i was ready to come home to my bed and food. i was very tired by the end of it all. we did go to the beach one day and took some pictures. i don't have my camera with me now, but i'll post pics as soon as i can. that was probably my favorite day:)

it's hard to believe i'm at 29 weeks now! it's crazy. time is flying by so fast. we start our birth class this coming thursday. i'm excited for that. i like learning:) if i had time to take classes whenever i wanted, i so would.

just before vacation i got my glucose and iron results back. i passed my glucose test "by the skin of my teeth" according to the midwife.... oops :) also, my iron was low, just like expected. i'm trying to be diligent about my floradex, but i often forget to take it before dinner. i'm also trying to increase my intact of iron rich foods.

we got a few things from our registry already. we got our pack and play (thanks mel!), as well as a couple bedding items and a swaddler from jane's parents (thanks toni!). we really need to go finish the registry:) we ran out of time, and we were tired by the end of it. we also went to a consignment shop a few weeks ago. we got a rocker (i'm going to replace the fabric), a bouncer, and a palm tree wall hanging- it holds photos and such. we also bought our wall decals for the nursery from whatisblik.com. i'll post photos of those at the bottom. i should also take photos of all the great things my sis-in-law has gotten us. it's great to have such a thrifty person in the family:) i'm sure she's saved us a ton of money with her finds.

i'm finally showing enough for my customers to notice. it still depends on the shirt i'm wearing though. it's fun to start getting the typical questions. no one has tried to touch me yet, except for friends and team mates. i have to admit i'm curious about this senario. i don't want to be touched by strangers. how am i going to react? hmm... :)

i'm feeling fairly normal, today, haha. my middle to lower back are hurting more. i'm trying to focus on my posture, but it's hard. some days i have rib pain on the right side, actually it's not really pain. it's more of an annoyance. like some little baby is just pushing up all day. booger. my stomach feels tight and uncomfortable sometimes. like my muscles just are tired of holding it up. i'm fortunate that i can sit down pretty often at work, but i'm still tired at the end of the day. it feels so good to get home and lay down on the couch. i haven't had any swelling yet. i thought i would have some because of our cross-country flights, but i did fine. considering the crappiness of the first trimester, i feel like i'm getting my reward for getting through it by feeling relatively great now:)

as for the house, we've had a little technicality set back. nothing due to us. it's all the lender shit. the first lender pulled out becaue they were satisfied with the appraisal (they wanted three different appraisal comparisons- only got two). lender two agreed to lend to us this past thurday (the day we were supposed to sign the papers). we are currently waiting for their appraisal, then all the paperwork business. we had to file an extension because our original closing date was the 16th. nothing will be done by that date. little stressed-out, but we can't do anything about it. everything has been marked as urgent/rush. keep your fingers crossed for us.

we really want to get in there as early as possible. we want to be able to fix/paint/clean before we more our things in on the 25th. that's just two weeks away. ack! deep breath. fortunately, mom, sister, and sis-in-law will be here at the beginning of october to help us settle in.

that's all for now. hope everyone is enjoying the end of their summer.

decals for arden's room: