Friday, October 23, 2009

guess who...

OWNS A HOME!! yah! we finally got it. we signed the papers yesterday. we get the key at 4:30 today. i bought the crib yesterday and that is going to be the first thing we move into the home. i can't find my camera battery charger anywhere, so i'm going to buy a disposable to take pictures of everything.
we are doing the official move on 11/1. i can't wait to empty all the boxes. it's been such a pain to have these boxes hanging around for over a month. i also can't wait to have a place to put all the baby things.

we're really lucky to have so much family, and many friends. we've had 3 baby showers, and one coming up in november. everyone has been very generous. we've gotten a lot off our list and numerous hand-me-downs/used items. when we're in the new house, i'll take pictures of all we've gotten.

after our shower this past sunday, we went to target and purchased plastic, lidded storage bins. we've organized all the clothes, 0-3, 3-6, etc.... it was nice to get those items out of cardboard boxes and into more permanent storage. we were also able to see what sizes we need, and don't. i think it was the 9-12 that we are lacking. we definitely have enough 0-6. it's kind of overwhelming how much we have:) the things we have left to get are a swing, exersaucer, and toys (rattles, teethers, blocks...).
ok, i've gotten distracted by work, so i'll wrap up with pictures from this past sunday's shower.


34w1d belly comparison :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i am alive

life just got incredibly stressful at the end of september. our house purchase turned into hell, and, suffice to say, i cried for a week. fear not, we are still trying to get the house. we just had to do some major readjusting.

arden is doing well. i'm a little concerned about her size right now. for two appointments, my uterus measured the same size. at my appointment yesterday, i had grown, arden felt about 4 lbs. and the mw said the amount of amniotic fluid felt right. but i'm still nervous. the mw did write up an ultrasound, but i haven't scheduled it. i might use it in the future if i continue to worry. i did schedule to go to the midwife's before my next regular appointment and just be measured for assurance.

that's the quick and dirty update :) does anyone still read this?? haha:)