Friday, August 7, 2009

just a little whine, please

i'm tired of not feeling completely like myself. i don't sleep through the night, and there seems to be no particular reason i'm waking up. i don't have to pee, my back doesn't hurt, i'm not large enough that moving my belly wakes me. it's frustrating.

i don't have as much energy. i think this is a combo of not sleeping well and being incredibly bored at work. i just don't care about work anymore. there isn't enough business coming in the door to make be more active, so i waste a lot of time. i do what needs to be done, then i sit on my duff.

i don't know what's going on with my stomache. it just doesn't feel right. not like my morning sickness, just off. am i hungry? am i getting squished in there? why is it bothering me?

where did i go? people tell me i look great and have a glow about me. i call bullshit cause that's not how i feel.


  1. but you DO have a glow! sorry you don't feel it on your squishy insides :(
    -Honey Bear

  2. Yeah, the offness is just a big part of pregnancy.

    Though for me, I've been highly nauseous lately and realized it's from hunger. One of those things where you feel sick and then wonder if you SHOULD be eating or if you SHOULDN'T, kind of things. I determined I wasn't eating enough...this baby wants me to eat ALL day.

    I think it's also just that the energy is different in your body...that keeps you awake. You know, not that you have MORE energy, but it's just changed b/c you have someone else's energy forming inside of you.

    Try some chamomile tea...maybe that could help?

  3. LOL you are growing a baby inside- I never felt "good" or "normal" at any point of my pregnancy with Harris. I hated being pregnant. With this pregnancy, I feel a little better overall, but I still tire easily and can never tell if I am queasy or hungry, or stuffed, for that matter. I know that it is a rather annoying feeling that you are having.. Don't come down on yourself too hard- just do what you have to do to get through the days, and certainly try to enjoy at least parts of the pregnancy. That is really all you can do until the baby is born! Good luck, I am rooting for you guys!

  4. I'm sorry! lol I feel like giving you a big hug! But it will get better! Your body is just going through a whole lot right now... your making a whole entire complete human being, your the creator of the human race right now... I'd be pooped too! hang in there lady! :-)

  5. Hang in there! When you are holding the babe in your arms, you will forget (at least momentarily) about all the aches, pains and "off" feelings. But in the mean sucks the big one!