Wednesday, June 30, 2010

passport for arden

we need to get arden a passport. we'll be heading up to vancouver in august. i looked at the government site for details and was totally overwhelmed. can anyone give me a clear description of what i need to do?



  1. I wish I could be more help. I went through a passport agency that basically did it all for us because I was overwhelmed as well. We filled out the form on the government site, the service took the picture and then we had to go to a courthouse to get something signed. They handled the rest. Wish I could be more help. If it helps any it last 5 years so once you have it you won't need to think about it for awhile.

  2. If you're driving to Vancouver, you don't need a passport for her, just a birth certificate. Have you gotten the one with both your names on it yet? We went to Vancouver with J with just his birth certificate and all was fine. (I think this applies to overland travel to Canada for kids under 16.)

    If you want to get the passport, what I remember from looking into it was that you need to get a photo taken, then both of you plus the baby show up at one of the designated offices with some paperwork including the birth certificate.

  3. What Ephiny said, except I am pretty sure that the birth certificate thing only works if both parents are present. One parent cannot leave the country with the child and not the other parent!

    As for the passport - we'regetting J one (in case we have to do emergency international travel for family reasons) and I think the biggest hassle is the getting of a photo that meets the requirements! We're going back to Costco for this because they were AMAZING with my very picky non-American passport requirements.

  4. Dude- go to BARTELL's or Walgreens (do NOT go to Rite Aid) and get passport photos (about $7) Make sure that you leave with the photos CUT- the office will not accept uncut photos (learned that the hard way). Take those photos, along with Arden's birth certificate, $25 cash and $60 check and SS card to your local "K**g County passport office". Go tot the website ahead of time ot print out the application and fill it out. Anna needs to be there too, as they will not issue it without her there. (kind of cool I think!) Any other questions? ASK!

  5. We're headed over to the post office next week to get one for Owen. We printed out the application, filled it out, and are taking along his birth certificate, him (of course), and picture IDs for both of us. We'll get his little photos between now and then. Hoping that it isn't any more complicated than that!

  6. im from vancouver island.. i JUST got back from my vacation ( last night). make sure that you take the ferry over and visit there. You will love it... as for baby passports I cant answer that.

    I was born in nanaimo. I went to the pride parade in victoria on july 4th.. and the weather is great in august.. and you'll get the blackberries...

    I dont know much about vancouver itself (i dont like driving in it) but make sure you get to the island.. its a treasure there.

    Ill post pictures soon of my vacation... just starting my mountains of laundry...