Thursday, March 3, 2011

climbing adventures

We're currently in Boise helping my mom. Anna isn't with us :( These videos are so she doesn't miss us too much.
It is amazing to see Arden watch older kids do something, then try for herself. She is changing so fast!
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  1. Oh my god, she's so adorable and so very determined! What a great way to keep your sweetie in the loop...because yes, they change *so* fast (just wait, it does nothing but get faster with each passing month!).

    (Ethan is going to be so excited to have new video of his blog crush.) :)

  2. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks

  3. SO cute!! You guys are real inspirations for my fiancee and I :)

  4. Yeaaa! She did it! Omg! Arden is getting sooo big, I can't believe it! I just came on here to check up on you guys and I can't believe that Arden is almost two! I'll def have to write an update about Jonathan! Stay blessed sweety!

  5. THis blog was perfect!! My wife and I have decided to have a baby and when i found this i read it all in 1 day!! it made me smile, cry, laugh everything! Such an amazing experiance and you are so blessed! i hope i get as lucky as you! i can relate alot to u too because i have a worry wort problem haha! I am already worring about everything! Thank you so much, i do believe I am going to start blogging about it myself!