Saturday, December 27, 2008

finding a donor

anna and i aren't comfortable with having a known donor. we've discussed it, and i've read about it. i think it's appropriate for some, just not us.

so... we've been hunting online at different cryobanks. you may ask how we started out search :) we googled "mail order sperm". ha! i thought we would get a bunch of porn. thank god we didn't. it's amazing how many different sources there are. we were looking at one last night called there was so much we could find out about potential donors for free (thank god). we could even find out what kind of eyebrows they had :). they also had a childhood photo and audio interview. i had assumed we would need to pay for all of these things. i'm sure it's different with each bank.

we also googled checklists for what we need to do. if any readers have suggestions please send them along, you can just leave it in the comment field. anyways, i'm thinking it would be helpful to have a reproduction specialist. i'm hoping a midwife can do this for us so we can just have one person instead of having to go back and forth with information.

we did find a donor that interested us. he was german/norweigian/lithuanian. we want the donor to have physical traits and interests like anna, and this guy fit the bill. he also likes outdoor activities and is in school to become a psychologist because he wants to help people. sounds sweet huh :) it's a little odd to be looking at all this information about a man we don't know so we can have his little swimmers.

i was curious what our baby would look like. we found a website called we tried with with a few different photos of us... they looked weird:) i don't know if it was just the photo generator or what. anyways i decided to try it with the childhood photo of the donor we were interested in. that's the photo i've posted here. hmmm... is this what arden would look like?


  1. She is cute!! I love her hair style! ;)

  2. so i checked out the sperm donor site, cause i was curious, and it is super cool! i love that you can find out so much information...and the childhood pics are a nice touch:)

    who knew all this existed? thanks for paving the way, ladies!