Monday, December 29, 2008

making progress

i have today off and pretty much i've been dinking around on the computer. ie- i'm being productive without being productive:)

here's what i've accomplished:
i scheduled an appointment at puget sound midwives and birth center. anna and i will go in a couple weeks and meet the staff and tour the birthing center. i can also find out if my insurance will work there. they do home and center births, as well as, water births. they are licensed in washington.

i purchased an ovulens after a suggestion by another blogger. i researched it before purchasing and of course found pros and cons. i think if i just remember to not utterly rely on it for ovulation prediction and use the BBT and physical symptoms, i should be able to figure out my cycle.

speaking of BBT (basal body temperature), i found a chart online so i can map that out clearly. this was at it's a national gov website so i was a little leery at first. it has some good info though and tools. it has an ovulation calculator (obviously not to used as a definite predictor) and i believe it was correct. i had estimated that i was ovulating around christmas and that's what it said too.

i'm also going to try to stay on top of taking my vitamins. i have a pre-made package from nature made that is for diabetes. i don't have diabetes, just hypoglycemia (controlled with diet). this package is good for anyone though. it has alpha lipoic acid with green tea, multivitamin/mineral with lutein, chromium, selenium, folic acid (800 mcg- double recommended dose for pre-natal- is that ok?), and vitamin c.

movin' right along:)


  1. Cool I was going to say something about taking prenatals. Make sure you are getting a ton of calcium and iron as well. Those little fetuses really leach a lot of moms calcium for bone development. I am so excited for you!! I wish it could be easier then all this, but sometimes we have to jump through hoops to get to what we want.

  2. I mentioned the Ovulens and I loved it myself, but it is blinding, just a warning, lol! I too love research and read the pros and cons. But for me, I used those and I also bought LH strips (they are ovulation strips but a lot cheaper and less packaging...I promise they work the same). Another cool thing about the Ovulens is that you don't even have to buy pregnancy tests b/c the Ovulens shows you if you are pregnant. Of course, if you are like us, then you won't believe it and you'll be the expensive tests just to be sure :)
    Anyway, those two things, and charting cervical fluid, was all it took for us. Best of luck to you!