Sunday, November 8, 2009

not very motivated

i've gotten so far behind on this blog. i keep intending to write but feel overwhelmed by the task. (brief side note- i'm at the library and the space bar on this keyboard sucks! i almost need to use both thumbs to push it down) i'm going to sally forth though and try to spit something out for you readers:)

according to the ticker, i have 20 days left right now. holy crap! at our mw appointment this past wednesday, i asked for an estimate of how large arden is. i was told she feels like 6lb 3-4oz. i'm measuring right on target now, and have gained 18 or 28 lbs (remember i lost 10 in the first tri.). this puts me at 192 lbs. that kind of freaked me out. i know i'm not fat, i'm pregnant-- but getting close to 200 lbs is... weird. i'm not going to limit my calorie intake or anything. it's just an odd thing to experience.

eating has become a bit of a challenge though. i'm not feeling hungry most of the time. if i don't watch it, i wait too long to eat and i feel like crap- which makes it hard to finish a meal. i've been burpy all pregnancy, but the burps are feeling worse now. i had a really scrumptious meal last night at our friend erik's house. roast chicken, pumpkin stuffing, potato and leek soup, brussel sprouts. yum! but i was burping up the dinner the rest of the night. not so yum. that didn't really stop me from having his homemade pear tart with vanilla ice cream, hehe:)

the burps are uncomfortable but i'm not having symptoms that make me feel like arden needs to vacate the body ASAP. i'm still feeling alright. that's not to say i'm not feeling anxious to regain my body in some form. i can't wait to sleep on my stomach again. to have a regular appetite. to start working out again. but, currently, i feel like we can still wait three weeks for our little one.

we've got a lot to do in the meantime. we moved into our house last sunday. we haven't done much in the way of unpacking and settling in yet. the move wiped me out, even though anna and the movers did most of the work. we took it easy the first few nights, and then anna left for san fran on thursday for rugby nationals. work has been taking more of a toll on me so i haven't done anything while she's been gone. today i have goals though:) i also have monday off, as usual, so i can get two days of good work in without feeling harried.

we already have our first homeowner problem. we had crazy rain here the past three days. when i went downstairs friday morning to feed our cat, i discovered a trail of water coming out of the guest bedroom. the downstairs is a finished daylight basement. the leak is coming from the base of the largest wall in the bedroom. i can't determine where exactly. all i can do right now is keep putting towels down. i can't even move the mattress that is leaning against the wall right now. i stood it upright and managed to move it a little bit away from the wall, but it's still gotten damp. our cellar is damp too. it's a separate space with it's own door. one wall though is shared with the laundry room and the concrete was damp along that wall. we have a contractor coming to look at our deck, which needs to be partially replaced, hopefully he can help us with this situation. i can't wait for anna to come home and help with this. it's overwhelming me a little right now. i think it's just because i don't know what action to take.

anyways, the rest of the house is great:) anna and her sister are going to paint the nursery this saturday. i can't wait. i haven't had a real "nesting" impulse yet, but i am itching to organize her room. it sounds like more fun than organizing the bathroom:)

my last day of work is this coming saturday. i can't wait. i've already turned off my manager brain. it's getting harder and harder to give a crap about the daily work. my colleague that will be taking over for me will ask my opinion on things (like the xmas decorations we've been putting up) and i just don't care about it. i tell him it's his store and his decision to make. it's a cop out but also the truth.

well i think i've caught up on all the big things going on. i still don't know where my camera charger is so i haven't taken pictures for a while. i'm hoping to find it this week with all the unpacking. think you guys can hold off a little while longer? :)


  1. wow! the next time you post on here with be with Arden lol! love this access to you all! thank you. your belly is huge now! ha. u look great. yes..the burps...that part is sooo uncomfy. we hope you find your camera charger soon. love you. miss you guys. xoxoxoxox yeahhhhhh Arden here soon! the lil shit will be so spoiled. jk. hmmmm u need 9 - 12 mon clothes...that can def be arranged ha. later though..xo

  2. Yeah she'll be you brook