Saturday, November 28, 2009

nothing yet

still preggo. arden hasn't dropped yet. i've been walking a lot the past few days. whenever going up our big hill, i do lunges. need to blow up the birth ball so i can do some hip rotations.

at our mw appt. on wednesday, i asked for an internal exam because i was curious. she told me my cervix was soft. i was dilated 1 cm. man was the exam uncomfortable.

my mom got into town wednesday afternoon. she's been a great help. i've been more tired the past few days. thanksgiving was low-key for us. just anna, mom, and me.

sorry this is short and kind of random:) i just wanted to get a quick post in between errands.


  1. Yay for updates! We're so excited for you! First babies are on average 10 days past their official due date. The due date more closely approximates the birth time of a second- or third- or other later-born baby. So, it's not surprising to hear that Arden is taking her time.

    1 cm dilated - cool! Some people walk around at 5 cm dilated for a long time, and some can go from 1 cm to full on labor pretty quickly... but still, excited to know that you're having a baby sometime soonish. Which is not really news to you, I am sure!

    Walking is a great idea - even if it doesn't necessarily bring on labor, it does help position the baby well so that labor is hopefully more effective. Yay for hills. Yay for stairs. Yay for lunges. Birth ball is a brilliant idea, too.

    Are you having many Braxton-Hicks contractions?

    A rather gentle induction attempt your caregiver could make is membrane sweeping/stripping... which Stephanie opted for at the 40 week visit just out of impatience. She said it was "nothing she'd do recreationally, but not too bad". But if the cervical check was uncomfortable for you, I would probably think that would be rather more so.

    Nipple stimulation (perhaps with breast pump?) is a pretty effective way to augment contractions once they've begun but I wouldn't do it without talking to your caregivers first.

    Ditto castor oil - because it really can work rather strikingly, talk with Dr/Midwife first. Though at the 40w mark with Jolyon we were definitely eyeing the castor oil in the pharmacy with some degree of interest. :)

    You should totally let us know if we can bring over a soup or a casserole sometime, perhaps something for the freezer?

  2. Hey you- how about a (FINAL) picture!!! We are in the same boat here sister! And no, just because I posted a naked picture, doesn't mena you have to BUT any picture would be great! I am thinking about you guys over here!