Friday, December 11, 2009

before the fun story

some sad news. my pepere (pep-ae: means grandpa in colloquial french) passed away today. he went into the hospital early this week. it was determined that his kidneys were failing. they did dialysis. though i wasn't told directly, my assumption is that it didn't work. he was put on life support because his heart and lungs started to fail. this morning they determined that the best thing was to let him go.

all the kids gathered (my mom is the oldest of eight), and they took him off support this afternoon. i really wish i could have been there. they were in new hampshire. if i could travel with arden right now, i would jump on the next plane. the funeral is tuesday. everyone else will be there. imagine 8 kids, all married, most with kids. this is tearing me apart.

my pepere was a wonderful, kind, and funny man. one of my favorite memories is of him making a funny face where he would pop his top dentures out half way and be goofy. it cracked us up:) i think i made him make that face until i was a teen. he started to fade these past years. his memories got a little mixed up. when i saw him the past two summers he often called me my mom's name. i really wish he could have met arden, but at least he got to see me pregnant and meet anna.

it was his time to go, but i'm going to miss him terribly. i love you pepere.

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