Wednesday, December 23, 2009

peaceful moment

while the family has vacated the house, and arden has found the joy of the pacifier, i'm going to attempt a one-handed post:)

i'm managing to, somewhat, figure out arden's sleep/eat schedule for the day. there is no semblance of a schedule during the night, of course. we have good nights and bad nights. fortunately nothing as bad as our first weekend home. i think now that we are using a paci the nights might go a little smoother. she really likes to comfort suck. this exhausts all three of us. she wakes up often in the night, thus waking us. then it's the struggle of the nipple:) she wants to suck, but she doesn't want more food. oh so confusing.

she's getting bigger already. we've discovered a few outfits that she can fit into now, but by next week will most likely be too large for. i love seeing her little double chin:)

we switched to cloth diapers around a week and a half ago. it's going great (thanks stephanie and jenny!!). lots of laundry, but oh well. i think it's unavoidable with a baby even if you're doing disposable. the only issue i've had is the occasionally leak out the side when i'm feeding her. no biggie though. it's sterile :)

our dog, olive, loves arden. i'm sure if we allowed unsupervised access, arden would be covered in puppy kisses. for now, olive has to content herself with being in the same room as arden at all times. when she hears arden start to fuss in her crib, she immediately goes to her door and waits for us to let her in to check on arden.

we are co-sleeping at night. it's comforting to me to have her right there. also, it makes feeding and soothing her easier. she seems to like her crib though. she has no problem sleeping in there for naps. we'll see if that continues as she gets older and more aware of her surroundings.

anna has been absolutely fabulous. she's been off work since arden was born, and doesn't go back till the beginning of january. i know arden and i would do fine alone, but not nearly as well as we've been with anna. to have that constant support is making the transition to life with baby easier. i don't worry about waking her up to help at night. she's been taking care of the laundry and most of the food. i wish she didn't have to work, but i suppose one of us needs to:) she's such a wonderful mommy too. i love seeing her with arden. they fit so well together. i worried about them creating a bond, but i didn't need to. anna knows exactly how to soothe arden. she loves to take photos of her. she actually took a photo of her in each different color diaper:) too cute! she has been deemed the swaddle-poop mommy (i'm the boob momma) because those are her primary care tasks :) looking at the two of them, you can tell anna is totally in love with arden.

well the fam has returned. i'll leave you with pictures :)
happy baby!
my two burritos :)


  1. So glad things are going well! The pacifier was a lifesaver for us too (actually, sleepsaver might be a more accurate term). When J got cranky it was usually solved by either food or swaddle+pacifier. We were worried about using it at first, because we didn't want to end up with a 2-year-old who wanted a pacifier all the time, but he lost interest on his own about a month ago.

    (Don't be confused by the name - we just decided to start using pseudonyms on our blog, retroactively.)

  2. So, you are telling me that you ahve pictures of her in every color diaper, yet you did not post a single one?! Do you realize how many cloth-lovin' mamas out there would LOVE to see a picture of yours in cloth?! POST!! What kind of cloth are you using, out of curiosity?

  3. I'm so glad you are doing so well. Isn't it amazing how such a little thing can require so much work and effort!! Don't be scared for when Anna goes back to work, it will be just fine! I was terrified for when Scott had to go back to work but we made it, and I know you can do it!! I love you ladies!!!

  4. Those pictures are sooo cute! Glad the cloth dipes and co-sleeping are working for you!

  5. I love love love the photo of Anna and Arden napping together. Are you using all in one diapers or prefolds? If you're using prefolds, let me know... I'll send you all the diaper covers that Pace has outgrown.