Friday, February 26, 2010

it's picture time!

an offering of love just put up some adorable photos and i realized i hadn't posted any in a while. so here you go!

bubblicious :)

stella from family style love on the left, arden on the right

here you can see what a big monster arden is :)

don't you love that smile

alien baby!


  1. Oh she so adorable! I love the smile pic! Melts my heart!

  2. I am glad you posted the side by side pic! Even though I have seen the size difference in person. I love the photo visual!

  3. beyond cute! Thanks for posting pics of her :)

  4. what great pics! looks like arden is coming into her own. and look at that happy mommy!
    p.s. email me at email got sent back to me.