Monday, March 29, 2010

i hate bleach

but you know what i hate even more, ants invading my kitchen. i hadn't noticed a piece of apple had fallen on the floor before my walk earlier today. when i went into the kitchen 15 minutes ago, a lovely trail of ants led from the door to said apple piece. i. hate. ants. in. my. home. period. i will not put up with them. they seriously gross me out.

i went ape-poop on these ants. i went downstairs and grabbed the bleach gallon. we've had this same bottle of bleach for so long, like years and years, because we hardly use it. i brought the bleach upstairs, pulled out the mop and began cleaning up those suckers.

now i know this was not the nicest thing to do to these poor little ants or the environment. i'm perfectly fine with ants out on the sidewalk making their homes. i'll even watch ants drag huge pieces of food to their homes. outside. i never use bleach for cleaning. i make my own cleaning materials. we rarely use bleach on our laundry. i've used it only recently on a load of arden's diapers because they reeked hard-core. but, man, i don't put up with ants in the house. i was even pulling the fridge and stove into the middle of the room to make sure i got them all. i was a cleaning banshee :)

phew- got that out of my system :) life is good otherwise. hope the same goes with all of you. expect a nice update later this week when we take arden for her 4 month dr. appointment! holy crap... :)


  1. OMG! I hate sugar ants in my house too! We have battled them since we moved into this house. I went insane while I was pregnant and almost signed up for a very expensive plan. Then my wife put her foot down and we bought some cheaper but Very effective boric acid/sugar water traps.

  2. Ugh, we're dealing with ants now too. I put down little ant attracts them and they go inside the trap and get "food" that is essentially a slow-acting poison. Then they bring it back to their lair and it should end up killing them all (nice, huh?) But there are always a few that escape and I end up reaching for the Raid.

    Good luck with the 4 month appt!