Tuesday, March 30, 2010

if everyone jumped off a bridge...

i wouldn't :) but will do this meme even though i haven't been tagged.

10 things about me:

1) i have 4 tattoos. first one is on my right shoulder; it's a wee butterfly with fairy dust. had it done with my two best friends in high school. second is a god-awful rainbow heart that i want removed or covered. oh and it's on my left hip; it spread beautifully when i was pregnant. third is my own design. it's on my lower middle back. it's a circle made up of a bunch of swirls. it has an unintentional "A" in it :) lastly, i have a dragonfly on my left shoulder also with fairy dust. this was done with my mom and sister (their first tattoos).

2) since 1 was so long :) this has it's own number. i'm going to get another tattoo after our kids are born. it will be a family tree on my whole back. it'll have my g-parents, parents, siblings, and nieces initials in the limbs. our kids initial in the trunk. the roots will be wrapped around the circle on my lower back that has the "A", which represents anna.

3) i went to my senior prom with my girlfriend. i wore a hot tux :)

4) every job i've had they've tried to get me into management no matter my age. nice ego boost, but there was no way i was going to manage a rite aid or a pizza hut...

5) i like shopping for food. if i could buy as much organic produce as i wanted, that would be awesome.

6) anna and i don't fight. seriously. we have disagreements that usually resolve with one of us saying that we were being silly and explaining the emotions behind our reactions/actions.

7) also on that note, i can't lie to anna. not even about silly things. like if i have a cookie while she's at work and want more after dinner, i'll try to lie and say i didn't have any so i can have more :) doesn't work. like 5 seconds after i lie, i come clean.

8) i've never cleaned the inside of my car in the 10 years i've owned it. disgusting, i know. it will be done soon. i can't stand it anymore. i am embarrassed to let anyone ride in it, let alone see it.

9) i'm a dork :) i like doctor who. i'm a bit awkward socially. i like to read a lot. i accept my dorkiness.

10) i'm excited to do our garden, but i'm also intimidated. i'm not going to let that stop me though. my goal is to have carrots this year (amongst other things). they failed last year. fresh young carrots are so yummy :)


  1. wow, the family tree tattoo sounds amazing, you'll have to post pictures of that someday!

    i'm a dork too :)

  2. i too love the tattoo idea. we have been bouncing around ideas about tattoos that we can add on as our family expands and that is a great way to work it out....hhmm...hahaha.. we wont steal it i promise :]
    i also wanted to give you a cheer for your garden. you can do it!!