Tuesday, May 18, 2010


so we thought perhaps arden was allergic to peas, apples, or bananas (all foods she has recently tried). she's had a cold start over 2 weeks ago. she still has a very runny nose. then for the past 5 days she's had way more poopy diapers than usual. like almost all of them. annndd she's been waking up a lot more at night and fussier than usual during the afternoon.

turns out..... she has her first tooth! i was just playing with her, and, when she laughs, it's the perfect time to check her gums. i look on top. good, good, nothing there. look on bottom. wait, what's that? something white? something barely out of her gums? holy crap, it's a tooth! it's on the bottom, right side.

i'm excited. can you tell :) we'll see if i'm still excited after she bites me... :)


  1. YAY!!!!!! Avery finally has teeth coming in on top! He has two that have broken through and two more on the way! Biting hurts but they learn fast when Mama shrieks and stops feeding that biting is not a good thing!

  2. Happy first tooth! Those teething diapers suck ;-)

  3. Just found your blog through 2afrodads. Congrats on the teeth. Both our girls have been putting us through teething heck...so beware and pray minor fussiness is ALL you get :P