Tuesday, May 18, 2010

strongest baby ever

i'm cheating and doing another video post instead of writing. enjoy! and sorry it's sideways. i don't know how to rotate a video with my program...


  1. lol man she is so energetic!

  2. That's my hiccuping little niece...it's like she's doing it on purpose.

  3. look how strong she is!! and sooo cute!

    one word of (unsolicited) advice, i dont know if you leave her in there unattended, but we had our girl in her bouncy seat about a month ago (the age arden is now) while my partner showered and she leaned forward and fell over, clunking her head on the ground, while still strapped in to the seat! my partner jumped out of the shower soapy and wet to rescue her, and the baby just laughed! she was fine, but it was really scary. the seat got retired that very day, we didnt realize she could move in it like that. they change soo fast!!