Sunday, September 26, 2010

first words

i'm going to make it official by posting this: arden's first words are kitty cat, or rather "titty ta." adorable :) she has also kind of said olive, "aw-wi."

she does say ma-ma, but it doesn't seem to mean me or anna yet.

she knows what i'm talking about when i ask where her water is. she'll point to her sippy cup.

she is still perfecting her walk. sometimes it seems like her head it just too big for her and she doesn't know how to balance. she does a little drunk baby walk :) but she is walking without us coaxing her.

and she's beautiful. that's all :)


  1. yay arden!!!!

    my daughter's first word was our pet's name too, kinda broke my heart....

  2. She's really doing wonderfully- making huge strides! Impressive.

  3. omgoodness guys! Arden is so cute and I cant believe she's talking and walking!!!! What a blessing are children are!