Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fun video

Arden recognizes a few words now. She understands and points at malo, olive, mommy, momma, ball, and book. She also comprehends kitty and puppy. She can indicate all of these words in pictures to. It doesn't need to specifically be olive when we ask where the puppy is. She will point it out in a book. It is so cool to see this comprehension.

We are doing fine today. I had rugby nanny over for a few hours. I was able to play on my sewing machine and relax while they played.

The EEG is scheduled for next Wednesday. They will do the test while she is awake and napping. I'm a little skeptical about the napping. How the heck am I supposed to get her to sleep at a hospital with things stuck to her head??

enjoy the happy video :) hopefully I never post one like yesterday's ever again.

ETA- sorry i had no idea that the video would post sideways. oh well :)
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  1. Jolly fell asleep at my doctor's appointment in my arms a few weeks ago. He hasn't fallen asleep in anyone's arms since 4.5 months old, so it was a big surprise, but he was overdue for a nap so he just had one. So, I'm hoping you will manage to get Arden to have a nap at the appropriate time, too. I'm guessing that the doctors have a conducive setup because this is what they do with babies.

    Hope you get some answers and that Arden is okay!