Wednesday, April 1, 2009


kidding, of course:) it's april fool's day you know. we won't know the gender until around 20 weeks, if we're lucky. although, i have a feeling it is a girl. we'll see.

our midwife appointment went well. everyone was happy and surprised to see us so soon. they had helped with getting our paperwork in to the sperm bank. the midwife we met with, let's call her midwife S, was very nice. she was the same one that we met with for our consultation in january. she answered all our question. it seems like everything is moving on the right track. this visit was more preliminary. we needed to fill out my health and family history. we'll need to give the donor history too. basically, we just chatted for an hour, and she took my blood pressure :)

we made our next appointment for five weeks, instead of four weeks. usually during the first trimester, appointments are for every four weeks. we want to hear the heartbeat though, and we might have a better chance if we wait a little longer. if we don't hear it, it's ok. it will still be early.

we decided also to not do genetic screening. i didn't feel that it was necessary. we will love this baby no matter what. i understand that some people want to be prepared, but i'm ok with waiting. you never know what will happen, and i believe, whatever it is, is for a reason.

otherwise, things are ok. i've been nauseated for most of the day. annoying. i finished inventory at work early and since there was nothing to do, i came home at 2 for a nap before our appointment.

i found out my colleague is going to be semi-leaving me. as a refresher, i'm an art framing manager for a retail shop. i have one employee (called "colleagues" at this company). she's terrific. she's almost 60, has been with the company for 7 years, and is very caring. she has been up to date from the beginning regarding anna and i making a baby. she's very supportive. she's always there to listen and give advice on her pregnancies, and her daughters'. her daughter that lives in town had her third child about a year ago. she's decided to go back to work and asked linda if she would nanny for them. they would prefer this over hiring a stranger. linda did it a little bit before for them. anyways, next week will be her last regular week. then, she'll just work on sundays, one of my days off. i won't really see her, unless i make a special trip. i'm going to miss her :( i really felt that being pregnant and working would be easier because i had such a great colleague. now i'm crying. ok, i'll be alright. -sigh-

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  1. hooray for a good appt! we didn't do any genetic screening either.