Tuesday, April 14, 2009

life currently

things are a bit busy at work because i have a brand new colleague i'm training, so i don't get as much computer time as i usually have. good and bad. i feel like i'm missing out on stuff, but i'm sure that the time away from the screen is helping my eyes.

i'm feeling pretty good today. i managed to not throw up at all- which has been happening more ofter recently. it's funny how i could not even have energy to write a short blog, but i just didn't. i didn't care to sit and write basic words:) i'll try to blog whenever i'm feeling well- which will hopefully increase.

my nausea is worst in the morning. my lovely wifey, man she's great:), brings me scrambled eggs and toast whenever she's home in the morning while i'm still in bed. that's love i tell ya'. she's taken it to heart that her job currently is to make sure i'm fed. :) i usually feel better after i eat lunch. i try to snack through the morning, but it's hard. i'm typically exhausted when i get home from work after 7 and sometimes my nausea comes back.

i'm taking b6 with each meal- approximately 75 units (can't remember if it's g or mg) total and a unisom at night. this has helped. i can't imagine how bad i would be feeling with out this help. i am thinking i need to increase the b6 to 100 (which is a regular pill). my nausea had seemed to be improving last week and then got all wacky this weekend again. i didn't get to have an acupuncture appointment last week. i'm going to try to squeeze one in on friday. i know he'll be able to help me too (raene- he hasn't done moxa yet, i'm going to ask. i had that done pre-preg. and loved it).

i haven't been sleeping so restfully, even though i'm taking unisom. i wake up once or twice each night for no reason. i usually get up and pee just because, but i haven't actually needed to. i'm dreaming a lot too, so i think when i am sleeping i'm not completely out of it. i was taking naps in the afternoon when i had a regular colleague here during the day, but i can't leave the new guy alone for an hour so i can sleep:) i'm praying i can within another week though (please, please, please!). i still have night sweats but i'm just ignoring them. my acup. tried a treatment two weeks ago for my sweats and i got really ill after the treatment. i'm going to tell him that i'm not going to bother with fixing the sweats now. i just want the morning sickness to be dealt with.

my clothes still technically fit me, but i cannot stand to have anything press against my abdomen. it makes me really uncomfortable. so i'm been over-wearing a pair of gaucho pants i have. i need to find some more pants like them. i don't want my colleague to catch on that i'm wearing the same pants 3 out of 5 days, hehe:)

eating wise i'm totally different than before pregnancy. i loved spices and hot food. now i can't stand anything above bland and virtually flavorless. so sad. i don't really want meat, i can't eat dairy (haven't really been missing that a lot), i don't want fresh greens. mostly i eat plain pasta/rice, a cooked veg (i really want cooked greens- broccoli, chard, etc.), and some kind of protein source. the protein source is the hard part. i can eat fake chick patties (morning star). erm- we haven't found much else. the pasta i eat is a protein pasta. i eat some almonds during the day, but i know i'm lacking protein. i just don't want it now from my traditional sources. i've also been having trouble drinking enough water during the day. especially in the morning it makes my belly feel worse. i think i'm only drinking like 20 oz/day right now. the thing is i want ice cold water, but can only stand drinking a bit at a time.

enough of my food woes:) i'm happy and healthy today. i'm excited about this little baby, even if it is rather surrealistic right now. i can't wait for our next mw appoint. we are going to try to hear the heartbeat. i think it will be a little more real then.


  1. It's strange about night sweats; I've had them ever since I was pregnant (Logan's 5 now). I've gotten so used to them that the only time they bother me is when I have to get up in the night for some reason. I'm freezing when I come back to bed because my pjs are damp with sweat. Ugh.

  2. your eating woes sound similar to mine. food is such a chore right now.