Saturday, March 7, 2009

today's the day!

the stars have aligned! no, actually the fertile signs have aligned. my temperature dipped this morning, my opk was positive, i have good fertile mucus, i have crazy ferns in my ovulens. psychologically i'm ready. my right lymph node is swollen (remember how i kept picturing my right side was developing the egg, i was right!). we have the sperm and we know how to use it:)

oh my gosh i'm so excited. i'm not regularly a morning person, but i was all set to get up today. anna is out getting a smaller syringe because the ones my NP gave me are too big (12 cc). we just need a tiny one because the sperm might be at most 2 cc. i am going to take pictures of the tank and such. i'll try to post more later. my mom is coming into town though so we'll probably be busy.

wish us luck!!


  1. How exciting, exciting! I think ours were 5 cc ones, but they worked fine.
    Happy Baby-Making!!!

  2. Oh my god! March 7th is my birthday! I am having so much fun reading this blog, it's been my before bed reading for almost a week now. I get so nervous for you two ladies and have to remind myself, duh Arden is here, of course you ladies made a life. This is an amazing blog. Anyway I'm putting the blog down for tonight. Can't wait to see if Arden was conceived on my Bday tomorrow.