Friday, May 22, 2009


i'm not very inspired to write now, but i feel a little obligated to since it's been a week. that's not to say i'm not excited to show of our first photo of the munchkin. we had our ultrasound on monday, at eight am . it was amazing though. i had been a little nervous beforehand. i kept having this little fear that there would be twins. although i would be happy with any sort of baby, i didn't feel prepared for twins. we are not having twins:) there is just one happy, chill, very cooperative munchkin in there.

the office we went to was very nice (i like their artwork). the blood draw was quick and efficient (i hate doing that). the tech for the sonogram was very nice and seemed to enjoy her job. the lube was warm! i didn't expect that. i thought i would have this cold gel all over my belly, but they warm it up in these little compartments. we got some great photos. everything looked normal, and i found out today that everything is very normal. we were given a dvd for free that recorded virtually everything. we found out once we were doing the scan that they do 3-d along with regular. the heartbeat was 159bpm. the munchkin seemed very relaxed, just layin around in my uterus. the tech actually poked me a bit with the wand to get the munchkin to move to get some better angles. it was so cool to see it wiggle around.
anna scanned one of the prints they gave us. we are trying to figure out how to download the dvd so i can post that too. it's really neat, you can even hear the heartbeat.

i'm feeling alright now. yesterday was pretty decent. today i didn't get a chance to eat a snack in the early evening when i was at work because i had customers. that made me not feel so good. i had acupuncture yesterday morning and he did a little cranio-sacral (don't know how to spell) on me. i think of it like healing hands:) basically he put his hand on my diaphragm, belly, and then upper chest areas with his other hand on my back in the same area. i don't understand it all. another thing i changed was i'm taking ipecacuanha. it's homeopathic and recommended by the midwives. i'm still taking 100mg of b6 each day and unisom. don't know what is making me feel better, but i like it:)

now i'm chillin' on the couch while anna walks olive. i'm hoping this goodness continues. i'm exhausted by this morning sickness.


  1. Where did you go for your ultrasound? We had the first at UW and the second at Group Health, and neither of them gave us DVDs, just a few photos. I'd love to see the video!

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling so ill - you're almost done with the first trimester, so hopefully it will get better soon!

  2. I can't believe you're already 13 weeks (easy for me to say, right?).

    Congrats on your healthy little one...what a great picture! We had our first u/s at 13 weeks too and they have the cutest little legs at that point. Sweet.

  3. we went to eastside maternal fetal medicine. i'm really hoping that i'm at a turning point right now. >fingers crossed<

  4. I used to go for cranial-sacral therapy to help with headaches. It included a very intense head massage and was incredible.

  5. Wow, I'm totally impressed with your ultrasound services for offering DVDs and 3d imagery! We were told that the UW was the only place that offered the nuchal translucency screen, which is where we went, and we didn't get any of the above!

    Your baby looks totally adorable: what long legs stretched out! Our photos from 10 weeks have the baby's tiny stumpy legs just splayed out crosslegged, so those additional 2 weeks are a time for limb development or you are having a very leggy baby! :)

    As for ipecachuana, I just wanted to throw in a note about how it's important to be very careful with it, if anyone happens upon this post due to the wonder of google.

    In your case, homeopathic doses in general are so incredibly diluted that you're not actually ingesting even a single molecule of the substance itself, so taking homeopathic doses of anything is totally not likely to cause any harm, so carry on with that.

    I just wanted to post to anyone reading that this should NOT be interpreted to go out and drink some syrup of ipecac. A more concentrated version from the same plant, and it was until recently to induce very powerful vomiting in the case of suspected poisoning. (It's no longer recommended because it's been shown not to really have many positive effects -;112/5/1182#SEC2 .) Ipecac has NOT been tested for use in pregnancy in either animals or clinical trials so you don't really want to be taking it while pregnant unless your doctor has a very specific reason to recommend it.

    Again, homeopathic doses don't count because they are so dilute you could eat canisters and canisters of the standard homeopathic dilution and not encounter a molecule from the ipecachuana plant itself. So definitely, if the homeopathy helps, go for it. But don't be taking allopathic doses of it, any readers out there!

  6. thank you jenny for the comment about ipecac. i am taking the homepathic dose under my midwife's direction. i strongly advocate listening to your health care provider and make sure you understand the full reasoning and effects of any suggestions they have. :)

  7. Yeah, taking homeopathic anything is not ever going to be dangerous, and taking things under the direction of your medical care provider is also fine!