Friday, May 15, 2009

morning sickness

i've been feeling a bit down recently. i'm really tired of feeling ill. i'm not really noticing an improvement. my last two acupuncture appointments have helped. this is all just dragging me down.

i decided to take tomorrow off work to relax, sleep in. that means i've got a three day weekend. i need it. my plan is to not do a whole lot (i will do the dishes, anna, i swear). on monday, we have our first ultrasound. totally not necessary, but i want the little photos:) i want to see a visual of the little munchkin that i'm growing.

that's my little update for now. please send me positive thoughts. i really want to start feeling better.


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way! I hope you feel better soon :-)

    - Alison

  2. I'm usually very anti-drug, but if you have to resort to pills, there are some very helpful ones for morning sickness. A co-worker was puking 8 times a day through 20 weeks and these pills are the only thing that helped her keep her food down. Really scary.

    But honestly, any day you should be finished and feeling good again! Visualize feeling peaceful and healthy and it will come.

  3. 2nd trimester!!! "you are feeling better now" vibes your way :)