Friday, May 29, 2009

what's up yo?!

:) well i've made it through a week of feel great! a couple hiccups, but i think that was due to staying up late and not eating properly. i have to admit the food i've been eating this week hasn't all been the best foods, but i wanted them and i was bound and determined to eat them:) i.e- i had gyros two days in a row. mmm, that yummy tzatziki. cheetos, payday bars, pickles, chips... oh my. i didn't eat like this before i was pregnant. i think i'm just overcompensating for all the bland/boring food i have been eating. that's not to say i'm totally able to eat whatever i want. i'm still feeling a bit reserved and cautious.

i'm still craving tangy things. like the aforementioned pickles. i can just keep chomping down on those. and i love the combo of pickles and plain potato chips. i really would love to have this right now. damn work. even though i had those gyros, with real meat. i'm still very hesitant to eat a burger or chicken. i think the gyros were ok because it wasn't very meaty tasting to me, just spiced goodness. i'm totally in love with larb gai too (a laos dish of minced chicken, green onions, lime juice, fish sauce, mint, etc.). i really liked this before pregnancy, but the flavors are just what i'm looking for now. and i don't tasted the chicken. all this food talk is making me hungry (yah!!)

in terms of work, it's driving me up a wall right now. it's been gorgeous out for the past week, and i would love to just be outside. i take as many chances as i can when i have my colleague with me. on my days by myself, the hours seem to drag by. we still aren't getting much business, which makes me nervous. so far today i've had just two people in asking questions. i've been here for 6 hours! that's ridiculous. the colleague i have working with me is newer. i'm constantly trying to dredge up something for him to do, when all i want to do is tell him to go home (or do so myself) and read a book. sigh. i'm doing what i can to keep myself occupied also. it's all really tedious work though. brain-numbing.

enough bitching. i have a three day weekend because we have our rugby rookie party this saturday. it's when our rookies "graduate". no this doesn't involve embarrassing hazing. we just have them do a skit and answer questions about veteran on the team:) it's great. i always have a good time. it'll be different since i can't drink, there always copious amounts of alcohol. i'll just have to be the sober observer this year. the camp-out is being held at a teammates parents house that is on the water. kayaking and other fun water play are promised. can't wait. i've been wanting to go swimming really bad recently and don't have a means to do so. summer here i come!

more good news, i just found out that we are going to start closing my store an hour earlier, like all the other stores. woo hoo!!!

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  1. Craving the salty, not sweet, it would seem. In my observations (and experience) that sounds like baby boy food. :)

    Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Those sick months seem like they will never end sometimes. Now you can start to enjoy a bit of time before becoming huge. Speaking of growing...
    are you ever going to post any photos of yourself???

    Love you!