Friday, May 8, 2009

of boobs and dairy

currently not related topics:) i had to buy a new bra yesterday because i've grown too much for my regular bras. i've gone from a 36B to a 38C. it's funny seeing my new bra next to my old ones. the cups are bigger than my cat's head, yes i checked:) i wonder how much bigger they'll get. i also bought some little extender straps for bras that will hopefully make things last a little longer.

as for dairy, i was bad yesterday and had too much. i've been good for the most part. i haven't been craving cheese necessarily, but i miss it. i had a bagel with cream cheese for a morning snack, a veggie sandwich with cheese, and creamy tomato soup. oops:) i was feeling it in the evening. ugh.

i did have acupuncture yesterday, but i wasn't feeling as wonderful as i had the week before. that sucked. i was really looking forward to it. i did feel better than usual. i guess i should be thankful for that. i wasn't able to really eat dinner last night, could have been the dairy thing though. today, i woke up ill and lost my breakfast. i'm still not feeling great right now. hopefully it will improve this afternoon like it usually does. i'm getting really tired of this.

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  1. Your hormones have peaked and the worst should be over! You'll start feeling better soon... Don't hold me to that though. ;) Miss you!