Tuesday, July 28, 2009

acting like an adult

feel a bit like poop right now. i have a cold that is making head feel like it's stuffed with cotton. i really just want to go back to bed, not work. even if i was at home though there wouldn't be much relief since we are in a bit of a heat wave for the pacific nw. no air conditioning at home means sweaty uncomfortableness. blech.

we have done some pretty exciting things the past couple days though. we met with a real estate agent on sunday morning. very nice guy. seemed very competent. had the most gorgeous green eyes :) haha. we gave him the general idea of what we're looking for and our price range. he's supposed to send us a list of places today. i can't wait to see it. hopefully we'll tour some homes next week. wow. big stuff.

we checked out a neat neighborhood in seattle sunday afternoon. anna had been talking a lot about the columbia city area, how it's up and coming, good prices, etc. i totally loved it. it has a nice little "downtown" with a gallery, theatre, restaurant, shops. there were public bulletin boards up for people to post events. we found one for a glbt parent group that meets once a month. awesome. we walked a few blocks away from the downtown and really liked the houses. hopefully our guy can find us a house there.

the second big thing we did was meet with a lawyer last night (thanks for the recommendation jenny and stephanie!!). we talked about second-parent adoption for anna, and our wills. second-parent adoption seems like a breeze. the wills are a bit harder. we had to prepare a list of our assets. if you've never done that before, give it a try. basically you analyze everything you own and give it a price. very hard. funny thing, we found out our art values higher than our cars combined! ha :) i'm perfectly fine with that.

the really hard part to decide upon for our wills was who would be the guardian of our kids and our finances in case anything happens. we had decided on one family member to take care of the kids, but we didn't thing of a secondary person. i feel like we winged it a little bit with our decisions, but we can edit things before it's all finalized and written up. we can also change it in 10 years when we have a better perspective of our futures and our kids. i felt a bit like a kid acting like an adult making these decisions right now, but i'm happy we did it. being prepared in some manner in better than nothing.

tomorrow i have a crazy appointment day. i've got acupuncture in the morning, a massage early afternoon, and a midwife appointment in the evening. i decide that i'm not going to really work tomorrow except for between the acup. and massage. last time i had a massage i went back to work afterwards. totally a waste of a massage. so tomorrow, after the massage, i'll go home to our sauna of a house and take a nap probably. i feel like a need a little pampering with this awful cold.

i'm a little be anxious for our mw appt. because last time they did a blood draw. i'm a bit nervous about finding some deficiency, like low iron. i know i can adjust my diet etc. to fix most things, but still anxious. arden is being a good little kicker, so i feel like all is well with her :)


  1. Ooooh, you have a baby name! Arden is beautiful, and isn't it exciting to have a name for your little one? Made it so much more real for us!

    We're house-hunting too at the moment! I'd love to compare notes with you on procedures, though we're looking in nonoverlapping areas (we're hoping to find something on Vashon Island).

    Glad the lawyer recommendation ended up working well for you!

    Good luck with the midwife appointment, too! It's much better to know than not to know when it comes to things like low iron, so I wouldn't worry too much.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad to learn of some other mamas in the area. How wonderful that you have all you T's crossed AND are looking for a house. Very exciting. I love Columbia City and know several ladies that live there. Hopefully you will find the perfect house to make your home.

    Hope you find a way to get out of the heat too!

  3. That's so crazy! :-) please let me know how the 2nd parent adoption goes. As you know, I have a 4yr boy and especially after our 2nd is born, I would like C to adopt. You live in Wa right? Is it harder in a state that doesn't have gay marriage? That's the reason why we haven't tried so far with adoption because we were living in Fla and now in Ga. But anyway, hope your cold gets better and good luck on finding a house in the area you wanted!!!

  4. Ooohhhhh, house shopping! That's fun stuff. Good luck finding that perfect home for you and your family!