Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's a girl!!

we had our ultrasound yesterday afternoon, and the baby was good enough to give us the perfect shot right away :) now we know that there is the chance that they're wrong, but it seemed pretty clear to all of us that there was definitely nothing between the legs.

she was a wiggly, squirmy thing yesterday. pulling some amazing contortionist moves. she seemed to prefer having her legs and arms over her head. made some of the tasks for the tech difficult. they were able to see everything they needed though. she is a very healthy, and growing well. they estimate her weight is 13 oz., which is in the 59th percentile.

i had been a little concerned about her growth since i had lost 10 lbs in the first trimester and my gain has been very slow. i weighed myself at the midwives 2 wks ago and was at 166. yesterday, i weighed 169. total weight "re"-gain from my lowest weight is 5 lbs.

we have a bunch of pictures and a video. i know i never did post our first ultrasound. i'll bug anna to show me where she saved these things:)


  1. Oh yay, I was right! My record stands uncorrected! :) I'm so excited to meet your DAUGHTER!!

    As for weight loss in the first trimester - not a huge deal, so long as you're eating nutritiously now that you are hopefully no longer dealing with nausea.

    Cool about the weight estimate, and video - we never got either! Where are you guys doing the birth?

  2. i'm catching up on posts from while I was away... A girl! Yay! :-)