Saturday, July 25, 2009

"garage" sale

anna and i got up a bit early so we could hit the REI garage sale by my store before work. we managed to get a BOB stroller and a Kelty baby pack. we had hoped to find a cool bag we could use as a diaper bag, but the only one we found had the strap virtually ripped off.

the BOB had been returned because the foam on the handle was ripping off. barely noticeable, we don't care about that. it was marked down from $390 to $250. the pack had been returned because it hurt the owner back. anna tried it on and i loaded it up with 15 lb sand bags from the regular backpack area. she wore it around the store the rest of the time. she admitted that it did make her back sore, but more because she was using her muscles. it's a nifty apple green that i like. this was $150, marked down to $75. good deal man! :)
these are the first big baby items we've bought. i've been getting a little nervous because we haven't been talking about specifics and doing research on stuff. we don't even know if we'll be in our rental house or in a our own purchased house. that means we can't really plan the nursery. that's one thing i really want to do because that's my kind of thing. one step at at a time. i do feel good having the stroller.

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  1. i think thats the stroller we're planning on getting! looks awesome!