Friday, April 2, 2010

4 months old

wow, already 4 months. it's surprising how quickly it's gone, but i'm loving it too. arden is so interesting :) we had her 4 month well-baby visit today. the doctor said she's advanced because she's started rolling both ways. eeee! it's kinda cool to hear that from a professional. now for the stats on our big girl:

weight: 15 lb 14.7 oz- 92%
height: 26.8 inches- 100% (holy crap)
head: 16.73- 87%

we knew she was a big girl but 100% in length. that's just crazy. no wonder we can put her in 6 month stuff.

they always put the development stuff on the print out. let's see how arden measures up in the 4-6 month stats:

may sit with support- check
holds head high when on tummy- check
rolls over both ways- check
reaches for and grasps objects- check
brings hand to mouth- check
coos, laughs, squeals, smiles- big check

we talked about food a little. he said that we can do rice cereal if we want. not needed really, but with how big she is, she might want a bit more to eat. he said we can also play with some veggies around 5 months. we'll see how it goes.

she does have one bitsy problem. she has a little bit of l.abial adhesion. nothing to worry about currently and fairly common. this is when lady bits start to grow together. this is also an easy thing to fix if it continues.

she freaked on the doctor too. he was just listening to her heart and she was giving him a wary look. he checked her ears and she started crying. she was really mad. doctor wasn't doing anything that hurt so we think it might be a little bit of stranger anxiety (whenever i hear this i think of the phrase stranger danger). unfortunately this break down was before her shots so that wasn't too pretty either. she had a melt-down. i couldn't soothe her with the boob like usual. she kept freaking. poor little girl.

also, doctor thought he might of seen something on her bottom gums. she might be getting a tooth. i had been wondering that because she is really putting more things in her mouth and gnawing on them. she is drooling everywhere. i've tried looking myself and feeling around but couldn't tell. i've noticed that she is soothed when i rub her lower gums. hmm... we'll see. i'm kind of not ready for teeth. i've heard the hellish stories. i feel like we're getting into a good routine with sleep and i don't want that messed up.

and i'm a bit afraid of jinxing the sleep so i'm afraid of talking about it :) ha. but i will anyways. we've been working on getting arden to sleep sans boobie. we've started getting her ready for bed at about 7. anna is doing most of the night time stuff since she doesn't get as much time with arden as i do. she'll change her, get her in pjs, read her a book while rocking her, swaddle her and put on her mobile and sleep sheep. we've had success in getting arden to fall asleep on her own like this without much fussing. it's pretty great to look into the nursery and she that she's passed out :) this system hasn't worked much for me in the daytime. i think it's because she knows she can get boob easily. but today she fell asleep twice without my help. i am treating it like a fluke, but cross your fingers for me. it would be awesome if i didn't need to spend an hour getting her to sleep. she still only sleeps for 30-45 minutes usually. i would love to have a baby that slept longer, but i can deal with it :)

that's all for now. i hope everyone has a great weekend.

flowers from our garden.

happy spring baby :)


  1. What a tall girl you have! Mine is long too! :-)

    totally jealous of the sleep you're getting.

    The pics are great!

  2. She's such a cute, big girl! Nice update :)

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  4. that is a tall girl :] that is wonderful you have come so far with the sleeping. i love the flowers they are beautiful...but not as beautiful as arden! what a great smile she has!