Monday, April 12, 2010

spring scattegories from calliope

calliope from creating motherhood has this game going. check it out:)

1. What is your favorite springy color? green

2. Something you put in water? goldfish

3. Something you eat asparagus with? garlic

4. Something you change into flip-flops for? getting my toes done :)

5. Something you imagine yourself singing in your imaginary convertible? girls just wanna have fun

6. Something that makes you sneeze? grass

7. Something that gets you outside? golden sunshine

8.. Something that crashes your picnic? gnats- i hate when they get in your eyes!

9. Something that stings you? giant thorns on the weeds

10. Something that wafts through the air at night? giggles (i know it isn't a smell... but we laugh a lot in this house)