Thursday, February 12, 2009

donor search

right so since our potential insem is about a month away, anna and i going to be searching for a donor more seriously. i think we've narrowed it down to a couple different banks, and

the cryolab has a lot more with the qualities we're looking for in a donor. basically we want a male anna:) we're going to see my mom and sister this weekend and i'm going to try to get their input.

any insight out there? i know a number of people are reading this cause you tell me:) i'd love to hear from you. you don't need to sign up on blogger to leave me a message.


  1. Here's just a small tip--if you're one of the rare ones like me and have RH negative blood, my advice would be to choose a donor who is also -. Then you can pass up the Rhogam shots, which have mixed reviews, and safely know that your body won't attack your baby, as is what happens with an RH- mom and an RH+ baby. Hopefully you're not neg, so you won't even need to read this.

    Other than that, have fun choosing a donor! I think that whole process sounds really great. I would have liked to chosen someone who resembles my partner.

  2. We went with cali.cryo bank. Our RE has worked a lot with them in the past and she says them were very reputable. Good luck!