Saturday, February 28, 2009

fertility teapills

i got some new teapills from my acupuncturist. i started taking them yesterday. they consist of fruits and seeds that promote fertility. i'll stop taking the free & easy wanderer plus teapills next week. i need to stop taking them because they encourage a downward flow. that's why they are beneficial for blood stagnation/pms/period issues. definitely don't want a downward/out flow when trying to get pregnant.

i'm on cd6 now. still thinking that next weekend will be ovulation time. i've sent in our paperwork to the cryolab. i also sent in request for the adult photo of three of our top candidates. we have 4 that we are considering. we just discovered last night that donor #1 is now a "please call" for sperm. anna was disappointed because she really likes him. :) i'm leaning more towards #2 anyways, and he's still available.

our midwife center was supposed to have sent in their paperwork. i haven't checked with them yet. that's on the list for monday. they need to do the actual ordering of the sperm, and must have a registered account with cryolab to do so. after i check that all the paperwork is done on monday, anna and i are going to probably put an order in. i don't want to do it too early though. if it's delivered on thursday and it lasts for a week, we should be golden. come on egg-ey do your work! :)

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