Monday, February 23, 2009

oh yeah, i forgot about that....

no, i didn't really forget about my blog. i could give a bunch of excuses (travel, work) but really i just didn't feel like writing:)

this might get a bit long, so i apologize early. i'll go back to when i last wrote- just before valentine's.

anna and i flew to boise to see my mom and sis on valentine's. we were there till wednesday morning. it was really nice to see everyone. i was a little concerned about seeing my brother-in-law and his family because our niece and nephew were sick. anna and i managed to avoid catching it though. we ate yummy food the whole time. stayed up way too late. played wii. basically, we lazed around:) it was great.

i didn't stay diligent about my fruits and veggies though. i tried, but we would go out and see people and i would forget to bring fruits along. on tuesday night i was actually craving broccoli so anna made baked broccoli for me. mmm :) i'm back on my fruit wagon now. i was happy that my body told me to give it good stuff. i do feel like i've successfully changed my eating habits. i want this to continue for the rest of my life. it's not just to prepare for pregnancy.

speaking of which, it's getting close:) i'm on cd26 right now and spotting. cd1 is right around the corner. anna and i are trying to diligently choose a donor. we've at least narrowed down our bank to we've found the most potential donors through that site. what we've run up against is sperm availability. we'll really like a donors profile and photo, then realize they don't have ici/premium for us. (fyi- ici/premium is sperm that is good for intra-cervical insemination. it is unwashed- meaning the sperm isn't separated from the semen, like for iui.) the bank updates there info at the beginning of each month so maybe the ones we like will be available again.

we're waiting to hear back from our midwife's office. we can't order the sperm directly; we need a health care practitioner to order it for us. we can have it delivered to our home though, which is a bit of a relief. i can just see us ordering the sperm and then we can't get to the office at the right time to pick it up. ack! :)

acupuncture is going well. i've had a couple things arise recently completed unrelated to fertility. i have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. really hurt, especially because i have a job that requires me to stand most of the day. carleton, my acupuncturist, did some points in my left hand to help my right heel. they really really hurt each time. i don't like them, but it's helped. i also got some mint oil to rub on my foot before bed, and i ice my foot when i get home for work. the other things i'm dealing with now is the beginnings of carpal tunnel in both wrists. this is fairly common for a framer to get. ugh. my wrist are sore and don't feel very strong when i'm trying to do things (like type this blog). i'm going to try yoga wrist exercises to help them.
anna and i are going to try a free yoga class on sunday. it's at a center that i'm interest in joining since i'm stopping kickboxing this week. i need to keep doing something active or i'll go nuts. they also have prenatal yoga and baby yoga for later.

the picture at the beginning is from an awesome website called check it out. i think that's everything. wish us luck in finding that perfect donor :)

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the updates. I had a couple of comments on this post. One is that my mom has plantar fasciitis but and it sounds like acu would be a good route for her to take. Plus, acu totally took care of carpal for me. You have to tell your practitioner to address it. I now have absolutely no trouble with my wrists, except maybe once a year or less, they'll act up. But never as severely as about 3 or 4 years ago. (I do a lot of typing for work.)

    Other than that thanks for the FB post! Hope all is well.