Friday, February 6, 2009


ok i need to rant about work for a little bit here. why do people ask why it costs so much!?! do i ask you why it costs so much to clean my teeth, to poke me with needles, to bring me groceries? no. i don't. i consider what you are doing for me and the benefits. i understand that you are doing me a service. it costs for your time, for your materials, for the delivery of those materials, for making those materials.

i'm a custom art framer. there is so much that goes into this. it's not like i step into the back room wave a wand and *poof*, it's done. you use my time, my knowledge, my expertise. you use my companies time, gas, storage, materials. these materials are made all over the country. they are made out of trees and dyes and metals. it takes work for all of these things to be created. yes there are materials that cost less. the reason they cost less is they are made with cheap crap material!

another thing, why are people doing things when they don't have the money? they come in to frame a poster. i give them the price. they say "oh i don't have the money for that". i adjust. i bring it as low as i can without giving it away (and losing money). they still can't do. well why the hell did you come in here!?! i try, i really do try.

don't get me wrong. i love my customers, most of the time. i love my job. it's very rewarding, too. but i swear...

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  1. When I read the first paragraph I thought you meant that co-workers were bothering you about how much it costs to make a baby the gay way, lol!

    I can see how that would bother you. Sorry. I don't know, people are nuts. I am glad to finally have a desk job away from customers, b/c retail can be so challenging, but DP still works in retail and complains daily.

    At least it sounds like for the most part you enjoy what you do!!