Friday, February 13, 2009

my current chart- what the heck?!

here's my chart currently:

here's my chart from last month:

so what the heck. i really believe that i ovulated on cd 12-13. why haven't i gotten the little crosshairs? :( i'm a little frustrated. i wanted this cycle to be nice and clear so we would know what to expect for next month -sigh- i guess i just can't get what i want.

on a positive note, anna and i are going to see my mom, sister and friends tomorrow! yeah!


  1. maybe the program waits to add the cross-hairs until the cycle is over?
    It seems pretty obvious to me where your temperature shift was :)

  2. Maybe things are a different because you're starting all these new supplements and fertility teas and such. You're body might be adjusting and compensating for the rush of your new cocktails.