Saturday, January 23, 2010

good week :)

well, i was very nervous about anna going to alaska, but it all worked fine. i didn't have a single breakdown! haha :)

tuesday went ok. arden was fussy in the afternoon so i threw her in the car and went to my old work to show her off. bedtime went really well that night. on wednesday, she slept for 2 1/2 hours in the moby for one stretch, and i managed to get a lot of housework done. the ladies and baby from mesdames plus baby came over and hung out that evening. while they were over i got to take a shower and vacuum. and they did the litter and took the trash to the curb for me:) so sweet. they even hung out and tried to soothe a very fussy arden. even sweeter. thursday we went for a nice long walk. it was warm for most of the week and i saw crocus blooming. crazy flowers, it's still january! :) anna's sister, aimee, came over after work to hang out for a bit. then an old rugby friend came and cooked a lovely dinner (winter green salad and salmon). i even enjoyed a bit of wine. again, i was surprised at the resilience my friends have for staying over even though arden is crying/screaming. arden was just fighting sleep. so frustrating and exhausting for me.

my mom got into town yesterday morning. we basically hung out at the house all day. arden took a 2 1/2 hour nap again, but not in the moby. she fell asleep in my lap after eating and i just kept her there for an hour. i thought she would wake up when i put her in the crib, but she remained asleep. so nice. my mom napped then too :) and i read for a bit. mom got to see the full extent of my repertoire to put arden to bed. i used a new trick. i bring her to the bathroom and turn the cold water on full blast. it snaps her out of her crying jag and falls asleep within minutes. lovely :)

anna got home at 1 am and it's been so nice to have her home today. i think i was just going, going, going while she was gone. constantly turned on to do everything for arden. today i felt like a hit a wall in the afternoon. my body seemed to suddenly say "you're done. go to bed." so i actually took a nap, while anna took arden for a walk. i probably could have slept for hours, but arden was crying when anna got home. oh well :)

but the most awesome thing this week- mom babysat arden so anna and i could go see a movie. albeit we just walked two blocks to the theatre and came home right after, but it was great :) we saw invictus, a movie about south africa/nelson mandela/rugby. i like it a lot. arden was very good for mom, took her bottle and slept about half the time. i was able to feed her when i got home and she went down to bed like an angel.

mom leaves tomorrow night, and anna goes to work again on monday (thankfully not out-of-town), but i feel like i survived a difficult test just fine. i know there will still be bumps in the road and i'm sure i will still shed tears on hard days, but i'll be ok :) i can be a mom, and a good one at that.


  1. Congrats on making it through the week alone so successfully! I'm sure you are loving having anna home.

  2. keep up the good work! we know all about a baby that fights sleep like his life depended on it (in fact isn't it just the opposite?). you are doing a great job and i have a feeling things are going to get easier for you soon.

    thanks so much for keeping up with us over at our little blog :)

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