Monday, January 4, 2010

no computer

well kind of... anna's old laptop died pretty much, so i only have the use of her work laptop when she's home. or i can go to the library. either way posts might be a bit sporadic, but most of you are used to that from this blog anyways:)

today was anna's first day back to work since arden was born. it was very, very hard. arden ate every hour from 7:30 to 12. she cried a lot. i almost cried a lot. i managed to get her to nap on a walk in the ergo. talked to my midwife and confirmed that everything was normal and i can make it through. got arden to go down for a real nap at 3:30 and i also slept for 1/2 an hour. arden ate again at 4, then slept until 6. we woke her up then to have her eat. we kind of didn't want to but we are wanting to instigate a bedtime. we are hoping it will make nighttime easier for all of us. going to bed at 11 doesn't make us very functional adults.

right going to go take a shower. i missed having that luxury today.

slightly unhappy, but very cute, baby :) we had to get her in this outfit before she outgrew it because it was just adorable!

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  1. It'll get easier to do the parenting alone at home, I promise, with age on the part of the baby and experience on the part of you. The only thing that gets harder is ability to get work done while staying at home. :)

    Have you tried showering with Arden yet? It seemed so crazy when our baby care class instructor mentioned it, but then we tried it and Jolly always found it really relaxing, and so did I. Showers being a calming "reset" activity for cranky time also means that everyone is always pretty clean.