Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i'm freaking out a little bit

it's enough that i actually broke down at work while my boss was here. ugh. he's a really nice guy though and understood what i was going through.

the reason why i'm freaking out is because things aren't going as smoothly as i was hoping. on monday i called the cryolab and our midwife. the cryolab had my paperwork but not the midwife's because she needed our address to complete the form. once she had that she faxed the paperwork. unfortunately, since the cryolab is on east coast time, the papers were sent after hours.

well i called today to check on everything and found out they didn't have the papers. i had the midwife's assistant try two more times. nothing. this is what makes me cry. these papers need to be entered so we can do an order. we want to do an order tomorrow. we can do both on the same day, but we were trying to avoid that because we have to pay a "same-day" fee. oh and we need to put our order in by 11, my time, to get the sperm delivered on thursday.

i know i shouldn't beat myself up about this, but dammit if i had just gotten my ass in gear and turned everything in last week. or last month. if i hadn't spent half of yesterday starting and finishing a book, i could have called everyone before 3 and been forewarned of this issue. i don't know why the cryolab hasn't gotten the papers. every one's fax machines are working.

the other thing i'm worrying about is what if our doctor is being rejected as a valid health care provider to set up our account. she's been able to do this for other people at donor banks. i figured we would have no problem doing it.

i know i need to calm down because stress will do me no good. i've had a headache for most of the day, and i don't regularly have them. i have acupuncture tomorrow morning, a massage thursday night, and yoga friday morning. i hope that all helps. i just have to keep reminding myself that i can't control everything, no matter how much i want to:)

the midwife assistant is going to call the cryolab in the morning to see if there is another way to send the info, like scan it for email. please be thinking/praying/whatever you believe works for anna and i. we need it.


  1. Thinking positively for you both! Just remember, everything will work out (may be hard to see that now, I know).

    We had a similar situation in which we waited til the last minute to get the donor to have the papers notarized. He's in another state, so we had to fax them in. Wouldn't you know it, the fax machine broke the day I needed to fax them, and then there was a 3 day weekend and we missed our chance to go for that cycle. I was SO bummed b/c we really wanted to try for a Cancer (we're astrological freaks). I have come to terms with that now...it wasn't meant to be...but now things are great :)

    You'll see, things will work out perfectly :)

  2. I vote e-mail... let me know how it all works out.