Monday, March 16, 2009

slippery pulse

ok, i'm really trying to not get too worked up about this, but a slippery pulse can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy in chinese medicine. ok, breathe kat.

my acupuncturist had notice last thursday that my pulse had become slippery (sorry can't explain much more because i don't understand it all). it was still slippery today. he hasn't seen it do this before in me.

i had thought something was up because when i asked to buy more fertility teapills last week he said to wait. hmmmm. when i got to work i looked online to see if an acupuncturist could predict a pregnancy. indeed they can. i asked him today about it and he didn't give me a definitive answer until after he did the needles and read my pulse again. he explained that he isn't thoroughly trained in reading everything about pulses yet (he's still pretty green, just two years out of school). but he felt he could tell me that he think i might be pregnant, especially considering other symptoms i'm having.

that's all for now. i'm going to try to not freak out. :)


  1. Just found your site by linking though from Family Style Love. (I'm in Seattle as well.) Yay for a slippery pulse and fingers crossed for confirmation that you are indeed pregnant.

  2. in the same situation. just got back from my acupuncturist. day 29, but late ovulation. said not to get my hopes up but my pulse was slippery, which was unusual for me. now i'm obsessed, which is how if found this blog post. how did it work out for you?