Friday, March 27, 2009

not so motivated

sorry i've been quiet recently. there isn't much to share. i'm tired. trying to get to bed early (like 9:30). my night sweats are really bothering me. i'm off dairy for a week, as recommended by the accup, for my bloating. otherwise, i am feeling pretty good.

we have a midwife appointment next week. i'll probably have more interesting things to write then :)


  1. I actually just used a fitted diaper we already have and made a pattern on a piece of cardboard so I could use it over and over. The diapers are made with receiving blankets with old towels sewn in and the covers are remnant fleece.
    Here are some links that might help:

    hope this helps!

  2. 9:30...I am in bed at 7:30 a lot, lol. I think it's more about my 5 y.o. wearing me out than it is about the pregnancy though.

    I'm glad you posted...have been hoping for an update.