Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a much better day

i started the day with acupuncture. it was good, but i had trouble relaxing. i tried to do some yoga breathing to calm down, but to no avail. it's interesting though. the past couple times i've been trying to focus on my uterus and visualizing the egg developing and moving along my tubes. each time i've done this i'm drawn to focus on my right side. i've tried to shift my focus to the left but it doesn't feel right. i know you can tell which side you are ovulating from with ovulation pain, swollen lymph nodes, etc. i don't have any symptoms like that. anyone know of another way? i'm curious to see if i'm right.

after acupuncture and self-restriction, i called the midwife's office at 10:30 (they don't open till 10). i found out that she had called the cryolab and everything was good to go! yippee!! after a yummy lunch, i called and place our order!!! aaaaahhhh!!! i had major butterflies when i was doing it. the lady i talked to was very nice. that was a relief because the bitches i talked to yesterday made me mad.

our package is set to send out tomorrow with a delivery of friday morning. anna is going to stay home to receive it, and i'll be anxiously twiddling my thumbs at work. wow. oh and it cost us 825 bones. well worth it. babyland here we come!!

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