Friday, March 20, 2009

sooo tired

oh my god, i just want to sleep all the time. i don't feel like doing anything at work, but i have to because my colleague is gone on vacation. blah. i've done a few things. mostly, i've been sitting, reading or messing around on the computer. oh and peeing. i am peeing so much! i'm trying to drink at least three full bottles at work. my water bottle is 20+ oz. that's a good bit of water, and i feel like i'm peeing every 5 oz. haha:)

also, my jeans are bugging the crap out of me. i think i'm bloated and even though i want to sit down, the waist is digging into my abdomen and annoying me. i feel like wearing a mu mu already. damn what's it going to be like when i actually start growing.

another thing, my abs are sore. in my obliques and right under my ribcage. what's that about? i know that i'm not growing yet. i don't believe it's due to an ectopic pregnancy (i already obsessed about that today). it feels like i did a lot of crunches yesterday and feel the pain today.

i'm actually doing rather well though:) this things are just little annoyances right now, and partly fixable. i think i've figured out my nausea. i just need to treat it like when i had big issues with hypoglycemia. i have a stock pile of things to eat at work. i need to figure out a good variety though. i know i'll get sick of nuts, fruit, carrots and hummus eventually. oh and i'm never eating popcorn again. i felt like a hot air balloon.


  1. Oddly enough, not more than 10 minutes ago, I was complaining to my partner that my abs hurt... I don't remember them being achy with my first pregnancy... hmmm... you are not alone!

  2. Thats really smart eating lots of small meals/snacks through out the day! Have you scheduled your first doc/midwife appointment?

  3. I had the same bloated feeling for the first eight weeks or so. It goes away right about the time you start to grow :]
    Yes, keep lots of food available, it also helps with nausea if you constantly snack

  4. Your hormones are telling your body to do some crazy stuff right now. One thing they're doing is telling your ribs and hips to loosen and expand. This could explain some of the tenderness with your muscles. Another thing they do is tell your muscles/joints/ligaments to start relaxing... another strain on the body. I had INSANE uterine cramping the first few week of my first pregnancy. I remember thinking for sure that I was having a miscarriage because of the cramping/pain. My doctor assured me that these things are normal and my body knows what to do through it all.