Tuesday, August 10, 2010

day 1- your favorite song

this list might be a little difficult for me because i don't really have favorites. but i'll use the topics as a jumping point.

a song that comes to mind that i've always liked and i find very moving is the hallelujah chorus. anytime i hear it, i get choked up. there is just something about it. this is one thing i miss about being part of a church. i sung in the choir and i loved the christmas program. i've considered joining a community choir. maybe, now that i'm a SAHM, i might have the time (haha).

i love music. all varieties. oldies, 80s, hip hop, country, rockabilly, classical. the funny thing is, i don't buy music. our newest cds are all burned by friends. i have an ipod, but i hardly update it. i kind of just forget about music. i have been trying to play more to expose arden to it. if she's freaking out in the car, usually classical music chills her out. i recently created a station on pandora based on 'they might be giants' kids music. i don't question turning on stations that i like to listen to when arden is around. of course, i make sure the lyrics are clean and the 'mood' of the music isn't inappropriate for how she's feeling.

i want her to like music as much as i do. i want her to have a well rounded education, and music is important for that to happen. what do you guys think about music, in relation to yourselves and/or your kid(s)? leave a comment or blog about it. :)

as an aside, arden is become quite the acrobat while BFing. it's like she's trying to crawl away while eating. it's been making things interesting, especially if i'm nursing her before bed. any tips?


  1. I sometimes worry that I'm not playing enough music for J - often, I just don't think to do it. (Except in the car - then KEXP is always on.) I like music, but it's not as hugely important to me as it is to some people. I didn't play classical music all the time while he was in utero/newborn, because I hardly ever listen to it myself. Yesterday it occurred to me that we hadn't listened to music in a while, so I put on the Beatles.

  2. I forget about music, too. I love it but it never really occurs to me to put it on. We have our stereo at home tuned to NPR so we can leave it on for the dog when we leave and my iPod is always in my glove compartment so I don't forget it when I go to the gym. I have to talk all day at work so when I'm home I usually enjoy it just being quiet!