Friday, August 13, 2010

day 4- your favorite book

i love, love, love to read. i devour books. that being said, my hunger for books doesn't always lead to be best choices. kind of like junk food for the brain. i got in the habit, when i was still working, of going to the grocery store close by and buying a book. they had a dollar bin for a while that i would sift through and read whatever crap looked the most interesting. and it was mostly crap. when they stopped having the bin, i went to the book aisle. i was spending more than i should have on books i would never touch again. anna hated that i did this. it was a wasted of money.

now we live right by a library. it's so nice to just hop over there when i need a new book. our family often passes along books to us too, and i like their choices.

most recently, i read a book of short stories by ursula k. le guin called changing planes. very interesting. i didn't get to read the whole thing though because it was due back to the library. i wasn't able to renew it at the time.

my mom just sent a box full of terry pratchett books. i love his work. he's created a world called "discworld", and writes about the happenings of the people in it. his stories are full of dry, british humor. and the puns. oh i love the puns and other plays on words.

i do read books other than fantasy. i love mystery. like sue grafton. she writes the books that go through the alphabet (m is for malice). historical fiction is fun too. typically, i read a large batch of books from a certain genre, and then take a break.

i've been intending to read some of the classics and must-reads. if you have an suggestions, fire a way. right it's late now. off to bed.


  1. My recommendations are:
    Hunger Games
    Water for Elephants
    The Help

  2. Recent must-reads: Stieg Larssen's Millenium trilogy (though should be advised that it's rather violent and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" is a much less good summary than the original Swedish title "Men Who Hate Women" -- but they're really strongly feminist books that I got into like I haven't gotten into anything in a while).

    I also second the rec for Middlesex, which is my ferry reading. I find the writing style to be occasionally painfully pretentious and self congratulatory, but that hasn't kept me from enjoying it a great deal! Water for Elephants was also good!

    Classics: Forsyte Saga, naturally, though I think the TV miniseries is more accessible than the book. I'm about to start on Ivanhoe!

    I also love trashy novels. I feel zero guilt about it - life is far too short to feel guilty. On that vein, have you read the Twilight books? Way fun!

  3. I also recommend Water for Elephants. I read the whole thing on an Amtrak trip from Portland to Seattle. It was fantastic.

  4. I LOVED Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters.