Wednesday, August 11, 2010

day 2- your favorite movie

hmm, well, again i like a number of movies.

benny and joon
dead poet's society
life is beautiful
i am sam
young frankenstein
the princess bride
fight club
ma vie en rose
the triplets of belleville

i could go on and on :) i like movies that make me cry, scare the crap out of me, and make me laugh so hard i snort. i like movies that make me think beyond my little world. i like subtitles. i like just sitting back and ignoring the outside world for a while.

movies can evoke so many different feelings. they can also hold memories about certain times of my life. when i was a kid, we would have sleepovers at my house. the girls and i had three movies we watched a lot: newsies (because of the cute boys, haha), arachnophobia, and it. the last two fall under the "scare the crap out of me" category. those spiders, that clown. yeesh. i still get creeped out watching those.

i am sam made me cry virtually the whole time. i remember sitting in my college apartment right next to the tv. my roommates mom and sister were on the couch. i don't now if i was pms'ing or what, but, man, i bawled like a baby. i'm sure my roommates family thought i was crazy :) it is such a sweet movie. it rips at you heart.

the princess bride and young frankenstein are family favorites. i grew up watching those two movies numerous times. i own young frankenstein on vhs :) god knows what i'm going to do with it since i have no way of watching it in that format. but i'm not tossing it, no sir-ee.

i've brought arden to two movies at our local theatre. it has cry baby tuesdays. the first movie we saw was how to train your dragon. that was a sweet animated movie. good to bring a little baby to that just wanted to nurse and sleep at the time. the second movie, anna came along. it was... ummm, darn i can't remember now. but i remember it was the first time arden really bit me while nursing. she was a real wiggle worm. we ended up just letting her crawl around on the floor in front of us (we were in the front row, it's a small theatre).

i love the whole cry baby movie thing. i like going to the theatre. i love the popcorn at our place. and it's another way to try to meet other parents.

what's your favorite movie? have you taken your kid(s) to see anything?


  1. I'm pretty sure we watched toy story 3, right? I remember enjoying it anyway :)

  2. My favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. Sci-fi with a snarky romance in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil - it doesn't get any better than that.

    And J is not allowed to watch movies until he's older.