Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 3- your favorite tv program

we got rid of our tv over three years ago when we were planning our wedding. we recognized that we were spending way too much time just sitting on the couch. we would eat watching tv. we would stay up to late just to watch one more show. we would put off our household chores. it was bad. so we ditched it.

we started watching things on netflix. we watched six feet under and loved it. it was a little easier with netflix to restrict ourselves. we had to wait for the next disc to arrive, and often we would be slow to remember to mail the previously watched one back.

the rise in access to tv shows online has kind of defeated the purpose of us not having an actual tv. we watch things on netflix, hulu, and amazon now. oops :) and it's even easier to just keep watching sometimes with that nifty "next" button.

anyways the shows we have watched or are watching are:
dr. who
the x files
30 rock
law and order

you can see, again, that we watch a variety. there are a couple that i watch when i just need a little "me time" when arden is napping. i've recently liked watching america's got talent. it's escpecially nice to just skip over the bad acts and all the snarky judge stuff :) i've also like modern family.

anyways, i realize we need to reevaluate the amount of tv we watch again. but it's hard to do. and there are so many excuse you can create that keep you on the couch :) i almost feel we need to take drastic measures to jump start an adjustment. then we can self-regulate from there. i've wondered if there was a program you could put on your computer to make it automatically shut off at a certain time, even if you're using it.

so, again, i ask what you guys like? how do you moderate how much tv you watch, or do you just soak up the good stuff :) i really do like to hear back from whomever is reading this... really, truly. now i'm off to watch my name is earl!


  1. We watch waaaaay too much tv but that's about to end! We loved Dexter and Weeds when they first came out but have lost track of them both. We just started watching Nurse Jackie recently and like that. We watch a lot of Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Food Network and Current TV.

    How do we keep the amount of TV we watch under control? We have twins!

    PS - Thanks for the sweet comment.

  2. Oh and So You Think You Can Dance is a total guilty pleasure.

  3. i didnt have tv for 3 years until i got together with iza.. we still have tv. and my show is the food network... its on all the time. i love it.. or A&E

  4. we've gone through similar periods of trying to cut down tv-consumption. then, last year, our decades-old big clunker tv died and my sweet wife bought me a *beautiful* new flat screen. since then, i cant resist! we mostly watch the daily show, top chef, the closer, (& during the fall season:) the office, modern family, & parks/rec. on netflix, we recently discovered Lost -- really enjoying that now!

  5. We've been slowly working our way through the X-Files, Jenny for the first time, me for the second (I LOVED that show in high school and still do). And we're both big fans of Xena. But we haven't watched any recent shows other than Queer as Folk and The L Word. Our TV is hooked up to the DVD player and VCR and nothing else.

  6. Ephiny forgot to mention Red Dwarf, which might or might not appeal to your sense of humor (very British)... but it's my favorite TV show of all time, and if it does appeal, it will appeal a LOT.

    But yeah, I find TV very unsatisfying. I prefer watching movies occasionally (we work our way through a movie or two a month with our one-at-a-time Netflix account, which is just right for us), and getting most of my escapism through books!

  7. Dexter, Weeds, True Blood, Mad Men, and those 'Next Top' reality shows (Food Network Star, Design Star, Project Runway). Oy.