Tuesday, August 17, 2010

delay on day 5- your favorite quote

i was uber-sick with a stomach bug monday. didn't quite feel like posting. then anna was sick and arden was a bit off. she still is today.

fortunately, arden didn't have the pukes like anna and i did. she was extra poopy though. twice, i put her down for a nap, only for her to wake up half an hour later with a very full diaper. my poor sick wifey had to get up to help me clean her. total mess. arden's fever never went much higher than 100 though. which was very fortunate because the past three days were extremely hot for seattle, over 90s. our basement is nice and cool, but the floor is still just cement. not exactly appropriate for a baby that wants to stand and walk all the time.

on to the topic for adjusted day 5 :) your favorite quote. this one i actually have. it's by eleanor roosevelt.

"do one thing every day that scares you."

quite the challenge huh :) i think the thing i do everyday that scares me is taking care of arden. yep. scary. she is becoming so mobile. cruising, climbing on things, crawling at the speed of light. phew! making sure she doesn't injure herself is full-time, man. :) but it's great to see her change and develop.

in the past few days i've seen a couple new things out of her. she is playing with olive, for real. she will pick up olive's tennis ball and "throw" it (a throw is usually only a couple feet, unless it bounces further). then olive gets it. brings it to me, and i hand it to arden to do all over again. she will play ball with me too. i'll roll a ball to her, she'll track it rolling towards her lap, pick it up and roll/throw it back. too cute.

the other thing is an awareness of placing objects. before now, she would set objects down with out realizing that she did. i've now seen her purposefully set a block down on her shelf and pick it back up. she will also put toys into her bath cup.

it's amazing how little things we don't think of need to be developed. setting an object down, picking it up. all done with a conscious effort. wow :)

i'll probably be m.i.a. over the weekend again. my momma is coming to town! just bought ticket today on the spur of the moment. she'll be here friday morning to monday morning. i can't wait. arden will get to show off all her new tricks for grandma :)

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