Thursday, January 29, 2009

cd1 today

funny but i'm excited about cycle day 1. i think it's because it means we're one more step closer to getting pregnant. this is my second to last cycle before we try. -fingers crossed- this could be one of my last periods for awhile.

when i got home from work, i made a pot of fertility tea. it wasn't too bad. i heard it wouldn't be the best tasting. it was kind of earthy/grassy. i added some ginger honey which helped. yum. i'll need to make a lot of it so i can drink it throughout the day.

oh, and olive officially killed my thermometer on tuesday morning. i walked into the bedroom and found the main body with the battery parts lying nearby. the little booger. so now i'm using a regular thermometer. i need to get a new basal one asap.

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  1. Silly puppies, always ruining things! Can't wait to see you and Anna!